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Camper Van PopTops in Cornwall, Devon and Plymouth








Whether you're exploring the countryside or heading off to the beach, make sure you've always got somewhere to sleep with a poptop in your camper van. There's nothing better than watching the sun go down and sleeping under the stairs in your very own camper van.

I have been adding poptops to VW camper vans for nearly six years and take real pride in my workmanship. VW camper vans are such wonderful vehicles, and making them even more functional is something I really enjoy.


Sleep under the stars in Poptop Camper Van in Devon and Cornwall





Colourful Poptop Camper Van Conversions in Devon and Cornwall



My PopTop Roofs

Poptop roofs can be installed in a variety of different materials, colours and styles. Functionality is key and I will make sure that the roof is not only fitted perfectly, but that it can be easily set-up when you want to go to sleep. I also use genuine high-quality parts that are durable and value for money. For more information about camper van conversions in Devon, please contact me at Devon PopTops.







Colourful Poptops

Most people want to have matching poptop roof colours. If you want to make a statement I can install contrasting or clashing coloured roofs. I'll also work with you to fit the right canvas interior that matches the rest of your car.

Yellow Poptop Camper Van in Cornwall


Bed Board in our Poptop Camper Van Conversion in Devon




Bespoke Poptops

Camper vans are special vehicles and I want to help you create the vehicle that you want. If you have any unique ideas or requests I would be happy to work with you to create the camper van of your dreams. I've modified hundreds of camper vans so I can tell you what's possible and what isn't.




Camper van bed board designed by Devon Poptops in Devon and Cornwall

Bed Board Designs

If you have a particular design in mind, just let me know what you are thinking. I will work within the limits of your camper van to bring your ideas to life. I'll install a comfortable and spacious bed that you can relax in. For more information about camper van conversions in Devon, please contact me at Devon PopTops

Camper Van solar panel installation in Devon and Cornwall

Solar Panels

Take advantage of the sun with specially fitted solar panels. Solar panels will absorb the energy from the sun and turn it into electricity which you can use in your camper van. Solar panels are very cost-effective and can be hidden from view so your vehicle never loses its attractiveness.

Poptop Roof bars, Camper Van. Devon Poptops

Roof Bars

Do you regularly travel with surfboards, paddleboards or bicycles? Make sure all of your belongings are safe with specaially designed roof bars. These can be installed beside your poptop roof and will keep everything secure while you travel.




If you would like more information about poptop roofs or camper van conversions in Devon,
please get in touch with me at Devon PopTops.